Charleston Fun Park: The Best Amusement Park In Charleston!

Charleston Fun Park
Published: September 22, 2022
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South Carolina is home to some of the most impressive attractions in the country. And its deep history even makes it better. From amazing beaches to historical monuments, campgrounds, and restaurants, there is something for everyone in SC!

If you’re looking for a fun day out with the whole family in SC, Charleston Fun Park is the place to go! The Charleston amusement park opened its doors several years ago and has since been one of the top spots for people visiting Charleston.

This article will discuss the attractions and amenities that make Charleston Fun Park so special.

General Information About Charleston Fun Park

Charleston Fun Park is famous for its fun experiences, attractions, and affordable prices. Here are a few things to know about this fantastic fun park:

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The official location for Charleston Fun Park is 3255 N Hwy 17, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466. Charleston Fun Park is about a 20-30 minute drive from Charleston, depending on traffic. The park is situated on ten acres of land and features a variety of rides, games, and attractions.

Almost Two Decades Of Existence

Charleston Fun Park was founded in 2006. It has been open for almost two decades and is one of the most popular amusement parks in Charleston, South Carolina.

Previously Named Blackbeard’s Cove Family Fun Park

Charleston Fun Park was initially opened as Blackbeard’s Cove Family Fun Park. The park maintained this name until June 2016, when the name Charleston Fun Park was adopted.

A Charleston Attraction for All Ages

Charleston Fun Park is an excellent place for people of all ages. The park has rides and attractions that are perfect for both kids and adults. Charleston Fun Park also offers various food options.

Open All Year Round

Charleston Fun Park is open all year round, making it the perfect spot for a day out, no matter what time of year it is. The park is open from Monday to Sunday, and the operation hours are typically from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Amenities At Charleston Fun Park

Charleston Fun Park has various amenities that will make your experience even better. Here are some of the amenities that Charleston Fun Park offers:


Charleston Fun Park offers free parking for all guests. Plenty of parking space is available, so you won’t have to worry about finding a spot.

First Aid Station

Accidents may happen when you are having fun. Charleston Fun Park has a first aid station on site in case you need it.


Charleston Fun Park has restrooms located throughout the park. The restrooms are clean and well-maintained.

These are just a few of the amenities that Charleston Fun Park offers. As you can see, Charleston Fun Park is a great place to visit for a day of fun.

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Attractions And Activities At Charleston Fun Park

This is what Charleston Fun Park is really known for – its attractions and activities. Charleston Fun Park has a variety of rides, games, and other attractions that will keep you entertained all day long. Here are some of what Charleston Fun Park has to offer:

Mini Golf

Mini Golf putties


Charleston Fun Park has several 18-hole challenging mini-golf courses. In fact, Charleston Fun Park’s Mini golf is voted the number one mini-golf in Charleston. You can enjoy the challenging 18-hole mini golf course under a forest canopy dripping with Spanish Moss and surrounded by ponds and fountains.

There’s also another 18-hole mini-golf course right next to it. These distinctly different mini-golf courses offer the same kind of extraordinary Charleston-themed spirit, and they are ready to challenge and excite everyone (both kids and adults).

The mini-golf goes for $12 and $15 per person for 18 and 36 holes, respectively.



Charleston Fun Park has go-karts that make you feel like you are on a real race track. The wind on your face, the engine sound, and the tight corner are reasons you will love the Charleston Fun Park Go-Karts.

The Charleston Fun Park Go-Karts have singles and doubles, and the single seaters are for anyone 54 inches or taller, while the doubles let kids of 38 -54 inches or taller ride with a licensed driver. Another amazing thing about Charleston Fun Park Go-Karts is that you pay per car, not per driver. So the passenger rides are free. The Go-karts at Charleston Fun Park are some of the best in Charleston. You can race your friends or family and see who can make it to the finish line first.

Go-Karts cost $10 per ride.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars at the amusement park


The Charleston Fun Park bumper cars are specially designed for kids who love to have a bumpin’ good time. The Charleston Fun Park bumper cars are for kids of all ages (even adults can join in on the fun).

The Charleston Fun Park bumper cars are electric and safe for the environment. These bumper cars are also handicap accessible, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Bumper Cars cost $5 per ride.

Video Games

The Arcade



Charleston Fun Park has a variety of video games that you can play. They have classic games like Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga, as well as the latest and greatest games.

These are a great way to take a break from the rides and have some fun. They also have redemption games where you can win tickets to redeem prizes.

Video Games start from $0.25 per play.

Axe Throwing


Axe Throwing

Mount Pleasant’s premier outdoor Axe Throwing arena is now open at Charleston Fun Park. They have eight targets for you to throw your axe at. This is an excellent activity for groups as well as individuals.

It has two pairs of regulation-sized lanes and four regulation targets and is the right place to grab some adult beverages or wine while you get your Axe throwing game on. However, you must be 18 years or older to Axe Throw or be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian, while the age limit for alcohol is 21 Years old and above.

Axe throwing costs $20 and $25 per person for 30 minutes and one hour, respectively.

Omni Arena

Omni Arena at charleston Park


Omni Arena at Charleston Fun Park is the first and only free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality experience in Charleston. It is perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, team building, or just a fun night out with friends.

In Omni Arena Charleston, you can choose from different virtual reality games. You can be a zombie, battle robots, or even play a paintball game. Omni Arena Charleston is perfect for groups of four or more people.

Omni Arena Charleston starts from $10 per battle.

Virtual Reality Coaster

VR rollercoster


This unique experience will have you racing down the Great Wall of China with the sites and sounds of one of the most iconic Seven Wonders of the Medieval World.

Charleston Fun Park’s VR Coaster is the first of its kind in Charleston, and it is perfect for those who want to experience a virtual reality roller coaster. The VR Coaster uses the latest technology to give you an immersive experience that will make you feel like you are really on a roller coaster.

The VR Coaster costs $10 per ride.

These are just some of the attractions and activities you can do at Charleston Fun Park.


Charleston Fun Park has a 4.2/5 rating on Google Reviews, and other sites highly rate this amusement park. Let’s hear what others have to say about Charleston Fun Park:

“Great place to have some fun! My husband and I love to scope out some fun things to do while we are on vacation, and the putt-putt, some arcade games, and axe throwing did the trick. Jack was great in helping teach us proper techniques with axe throwing and was extremely friendly throughout both days we visited. Will definitely be back if ever in the area again,” Chelsea shares.

“We had a great time playing putt-putt, and the mini bowling was so fun! We were getting bit by bugs outside, but they had bug spray at the desk for customers to use, which was great! The island course has lots of water hazards and hills, it was a good challenge compared to other courses we have done other places, and hole 18 was a cool way to end the game. It was not too hard but not too easy. Jack was amazing- he was super helpful and fun,” Jordan A. shares.

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Visiting Charleston Soon?

Undoubtedly, Charleston Fun Park is a great place to visit whether you are Charleston local or just visiting the area. And with so many fun things to do, Charleston Fun Park is perfect for groups, families, and individuals.

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