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Published: January 22, 2024
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Thinking about getting an AirBnb Myrtle Beach lovers?

Are you planning a trip to Myrtle Beach and looking for someplace to stay? Looking for a home in North Myrtle for your vacation or considering a condo in Myrtle Beach? You could consider AirBnb, but you know what’s better than that? Renting an RV from Cozy Turtle!

In this blog post, we will explore the best places in Myrtle Beach to stay at an Airbnb Myrtle Beach and what makes them stand out from the rest. We’ll also give you another option for your stay that you might not have thought about before. You don’t always have to stay at an Airbnb Myrtle Beach!

Best Areas to Stay In Your RV Rental

Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach is known for its many suburbs, each with its own unique charm These are the best areas to stay in Myrtle Beach in an RV:

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Ocean Drive Beach

Ocean Blvd and Ocean Drive is the liveliest part of any Airbnb Myrtle Beach. It’s teeming with nightlife, restaurants, and activities.

cherry grove beach

Cherry Grove Beach

Cherry Grove is also a lively area, but it’s geared more towards family fun. Cherry Grove has its own fishing pier and plenty of arcades and attractions, as well as places to park your RV.

surfside beach

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is a quieter area and perfect if you want a more laid-back vacation. It has its own private beach with a fishing pier and plenty of family-friendly restaurants and shops.

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Types of AirBnb Myrtle Beach Accommodations

AirBnb accommodates rentals in Myrtle Beach with a pool variety of travel needs and party sizes. Here are a few:

Entire House Rental

Rent an entire house to yourself: great for groups or families- one we recommend would be “Mermaid’s Dream” in Myrtle Beach.

Private Room Rental

For travelers on a budget, a private bedroom typically rents out cheaper – the host is sharing their home with you, and this can be in a house or an apartment in Myrtle Beach.

Luxury Rental

If you want to splurge maybe on a vacation rental though, AirBnb has several luxurious rentals available in Myrtle Beach. They come with resort amenities like private outdoor and indoor pools, outdoor pools and a hot tub and an ocean view.

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Cozy Turtle RV Rentals

Staying in an Airbnb is cool right?

But what’s better is staying in a place of your own. With Cozy Turtle, you can do that. You can pick the RV you rent to fit all your wants and needs and decide where you want to sleep each night. Sounds cooler right?

Airbnb vs. Cozy Turtle RV Rentals: Why Cozy Turtle RV Rentals is the Better Choice!

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Pros of staying at an Airbnb Myrtle Beach

  • Comfortable Accommodations
  • Access to pools etc… depending on the house you rent.
  • May have a scenic view if the Airbnb Myrtle Beach is ocean front.

Cons of staying at a Airbnb Myrtle Beach

  • They can be expensive based on accommodations.
  • Can spend a lot of money on food, drinks and certain activities.
  • Can be crowded so you don’t have a quiet space to relax.

Pros of renting an RV from Cozy Turtle RV Rentals

  • Quiet Space to unwind with no loud neighbors.
  • Can save total costs for your vacation.
  • Stay beachside! You can pick an amazing location just a short walk to the beach.
  • Enjoy the Popular amenities for Myrtle Beach without the price.
  • Usually parked in a gated community and always family friendly rentals!

Cons of Renting An RV From Cozy Turtle RV Rentals

  • Vacation may include small chores due to the many amenities of an RV.
  • You have to be mindful of parking rates, and availability.

Booking Your Cozy Turtle RV Rental

When booking your Cozy Turtle RV rental in Myrtle Beach, Consider things like location, amenities, and RV layout. Reach out to Cozy Turtle if you have questions. Communication is key for a successful RV rental and experience! So, if you’re planning a longer stay book in advance or if you’re planning a short stay, make sure you’re booking in a busier season.

Leave your worries behind and sail away towards the ultimate vacation experience in Myrtle Beach with Cozy Turtle RV Rentals. Imagine having your very own private beach house on wheels, customized to fit your every need for a comfortable and stress-free getaway. No more searching for the perfect hotel or Airbnb, Myrtle Beach when you can have it on the go.

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Fun-Filled Activities to Enjoy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a perfect vacation spot with its beautiful beaches, vacation rentals, stunning views, and vibrant atmosphere. It offers plenty of fun-filled activities for everyone, from outdoor water adventures to indoor attractions. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, beach lover, or just looking for a peaceful escape, Myrtle Beach has got you covered. Here are some fantastic things to do while in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

1) Hit the Beaches

Myrtle Beach offers visitors over 60 miles of sun-kissed sandy beaches with the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are perfect for relaxing, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, parasailing, and various other water sports activities. You can also enjoy a peaceful side walk to beach front on the beach, pick up seashells, and witness stunning sunsets. Get some vitamin sea!

2) Experience the Thrills at Amusement Parks

Myrtle Beach has various amusement parks, including Family Kingdom Amusement Park, Myrtle Waves Water Park, and Broadway Grand Prix, the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. These parks offer plenty of activities like water slides, roller coasters, go-kart racing, carnival games, a mini golf course and much more for kids and adults alike.

3) Discover Local History

For history buffs, Myrtle Beach has some amazing historical places to visit, such as the Hopsewee Plantation and the Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum. The plantation is a National Historic Landmark that provides a fascinating glimpse of the life of early settlers. The Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum is another fantastic attraction that showcases the achievements of African-Americans from the Myrtle Beach area.

4) Shop, Dine, and Party

Myrtle Beach offers plenty of shopping and dining options that cater to all tastes and budgets. Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing, and Market Common are some of the top shopping destinations, where you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, and nightlife venues. You can also visit the Backstage Mirror Maze or watch a comedy show at the Comedy Cabana for entertainment.

5) Explore the Outdoors and Natural Wonders

Myrtle Beach has plenty of natural beauties and wildlife refuges to explore. You can visit Myrtle Beach State Park, which offers miles of hiking trails, fishing piers, and a nature center. You can also go on a dolphin watching or eco-tour, or take a stroll around Brookgreen Gardens, which is the largest sculpture garden in the world, with thousands of sculptures and gorgeous botanical gardens.Myrtle Beach is an exciting destination for all ages, with a variety of activities that cater to every interest. The beaches, amusement parks, historical museums, shopping and dining options, and natural wonders, all combine to make it a perfect vacation destination. It’s time to plan your trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and experience all of the excitement and fun that awaits!

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Things to Know Before Booking an RV Rental from Cozy Turtle RV Rentals

Myrtle Beach is a popular vacation destination on the East Coast, known for its pristine beaches, iconic boardwalk, and vibrant nightlife. And with so many people flocking to this coastal paradise, Airbnb Myrtle Beach has become a popular accommodation option. However, before you click that “Book Now” button, there are a few things you should consider before choosing an Airbnb Myrtle Beach- Here is what you should know when you book an RV instead of an Airbnb Myrtle Beach.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most important things to consider when booking an RV in Myrtle Beach is all the amazing locations you can take your RV to. With so many options available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. To make the most of your vacation, try to find a place to park and camp your RV that is close to the attractions that interest you the most. If you’re a beach lover, for instance, look for a spot that’s within walking distance to the beach. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in the nightlife, find a

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Be Mindful of the Rules and Regulations of Campsites

Every RV campsite has its own set of rules and regulations that guests are expected to follow. Before bringing your RV rental to the site, make sure to read through the rules carefully to ensure that they’re a good fit for you. If you’re someone who likes to stay up late, for instance, you may want to avoid a campsite that has strict noise restrictions.

Check the Amenities of Campsites

Another important consideration when booking a RV rental for a campsite is the amenities offered. Some RV rentals may have everything you need for a comfortable stay, while others may be lacking in certain areas like more room for the family, ect.

Book early

Finally, it’s important to book your spot in Myrtle Beach as early as possible. This is especially true if you’re planning to visit during peak season. Many of the most campsites for RV rentals get booked up months in advance, so if you wait too long, you may be left with limited availability. By booking early, you’ll have a better chance of securing the rental that’s right for you.


Booking an Airbnb Myrtle Beach can be a hassle, booking an RV rental can be a great way to experience all that this coastal paradise has to offer. By following the tips and tricks outlined above, you can ensure that your stay is comfortable, enjoyable, and stress-free. Remember to consider the location of the parking or RV campsite, read the reviews, be mindful of the rules and regulations, check the amenities, and book early. With these things in mind, you’re sure to have a memorable vacation in Myrtle Beach with a Cozy Turtle RV Rental.

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